The Barking Dog Alarm by HomeSafe Review

The Barking Dog Alarm by HomeSafe Review We produced an introduction review of the HomeSafe Barking Dog Alarm. This video will tell you what the Electronic Barking Watchdog Alarm is by showing you the alarm, not talking heads, or video power-point.

Learn how it works and sounds from outside a home front door at the very beginning of the video. The remainder of the review shows you the features of the main unit, sound choices, remote control, and add on extra remote controls and sensors (up to sixteen can be added) Available from our website.

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How to Burglar Proof Your Home on a Budget

If you want to protect your home but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive alarm system, The Barking Dog Alarm a very effective weapon in protecting your home from burglars or intruders.

The Barking Dog Alarm works on microwave technology that senses movement through windows, walls and doors, but it does NOT see through metal. Once someone enters the protective field, the alarm will let out a short bark alerting the intruder that there is a dog inside watching the premises.

If the person stays within range or moves closer, the alarm will bark again but this time, more rapidly. The longer the person stays within the protective range the louder and faster the alarm will bark. Most intruders do not want to mess with a barking dog, especially one that can’t be seen and sounds viscous like this alarm does. The alarm has a range of about 20 feet and can be placed out of the line of sight.

The Barking Dog Alarm retails at most online stores for under 0 and is a great for people who what to burglar-proof their home on a budget.

Included with the Barking Dog Alarm is a 6 foot power cord and a handy key chain remote for one button arming and disarming.

You can find out if the barking dog alarm is right for your home by calling, 914-633-1717 or you can visit our website: