Surveillance Video Camera

Surveillance Video Camera

Surveillance Cameras
by achimh

In the past, the idea of having wireless video surveillance camera in homes was not easy for the common people due to its high expense. However, today, due to the technological advancements and easy availability, the prices of all electronic gadgets have reduced a lot including the wireless video surveillance cameras. And as more people have become aware and concerned about the safety and security of their family and property, there has been an increase in the demand of surveillance systems for home security.


The main purposes of installing surveillance video cameras are:


The first part of the camera works as a detector and they are used to prevent the thieves
Another part is the recording device, which keeps all the records and helps to catch the trespassers


The surveillance video systems are installed in the home because of various reasons. People generally use the camera to let the people know, that they are being watched. It can help to prevent the home from burglars. The other option is to place the camera in such a position that people cannot detect it. It helps you to identify the true behavior of people.


Many people are now also using fake cameras to protect their house. The fake cameras look like the real ones and can help to scare away the intruders. These cost much less than the original cameras! But the demerit of using this type of cameras is that if the burglars don’t notice the cameras and breaks into your home; you would not have any record to detect the thief.


Types of surveillance video cameras include:


Motion detector cameras – This type of video cameras are mainly used in the areas that receive little light like the outdoor gates, and courtyards.
Wireless pan or tilt cameras – The wireless security cameras are generally installed with a power link application. The camera has high quality image resolution. The wireless camera stays active even in the dark and can cover large areas because of its pan or tilt facility.
Wireless built in cameras – It is enriched with features like internal power link module, and internal GPRS communicator and reports about the events to your cell phone or to your web address. It also has a huge battery back up, which remains active up to 72 hours.



Now that you have the essential information about a wireless surveillance camera, buy and install one according to your needs.


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