Fingerprint Scanner TTL GT511C1R – 3.3V to 6V – With cable


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Finger print scanners are awesome. Why use a key when you have one right at the idea of your finger? Unfortunately, they’re normally undependable or tough to implement. Well not any longer! We have actually found this great finger print module from ADH-Tech that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed it into your next job.

The module itself does all of the heavy lifting behind reading and identifying the fingerprints with an on-board optical sensing unit and 32-bit CPU. All you have to do is send it simple commands. To get begun, simply sign up each fingerprint that you wish to store by sending out the matching command and pushing your finger versus the reader 3 times. The finger print scanner can keep various fingerprints and the database of prints can even be downloaded from the unit and distributed to other modules. As well as the finger print “template,” the evaluated version of the print, you can likewise obtain the image of a fingerprint as well as pull raw images from the optical sensor!

This is the more economical variation of the GT-511 which has actually a reduced memory capacity (compared to the GT-511C3). The module can just accumulate to 20 various fingerprints however can 360 ° fingerprint acknowledgment and download and upload templates using serial interface. If you are on a budget and require only a small number of fingerprints kept, this is the perfect option for you!

The module is small and simple to install utilizing two installing tabs on the side of the sensing unit. The on-board JST-SH port has four signals: Vcc, GND, Tx, Rx. A suitable JST-SH pigtail can be discovered in the related products listed below. Demo software application for PC is readily available in the files listed below, simply link the module to your computer utilizing an FTDI Breakout and start the software application to check out finger prints!

Measurements: 37 x 17 x 9.5 mm

Accessory cable television included


  • High-Speed, High-Accuracy Fingerprint Recognition using the SmackFinger 3.0 Algorithm
  • Download Fingerprint Images from the Gadget
  • Read and Write Fingerprint Templates and Databases
  • Simple UART protocol (Default 9600 baud)
  • 360 ° Fingerprint Recognition

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