Security Systems

Security Systems

If you own a property as a business then you will want to ensure you have the best possible security in place in order to protect your assets, your products and your materials. This way you can keep your belongings safe and thereby protect your investments. At the same time good security also protects the investments of your clients and customers if you are working on things they have ordered, and in turn by delivering your goods on time and in tact you this way protect your company’s image and reputation. Further, you should also use your security systems during the day and this will protect your staff as well as your customers again who might be in your store/offices/warehouses which is a moral prerogative and an important legal/pr concern.

Of course there are many pillars of a good security set up, and the more different systems you can utilise the more effective it will be. Here we will look at just some of the devices and methods you can employ to create the best security for your building.

CCTV system: Perhaps the most effective form of security is to have a CCTV system in place. This will be made up of one security camera or several angled to give you a good view of your premises. This way when someone enters you will be able to observe them on your cameras or you can set it up to work with your alarms so that your alarm sounds whenever the security camera picks up movement that looks like a trespasser. This can work with video analysis which will mean your cameras are able to identify what is most likely to be a problem and not sound the alarm for any movement. At the same time a security camera can use a wireless connection to allow you to view the footage remotely, or VoIP to let the camera call you to inform you of a problem.

Alarms: Alarms then are also very important in order to both scare trespassers and alert others to the situation. This can be wired up to work with a security camera, or to be triggered by the door opening. Normally the visitor will then have a set time frame in which to enter a PIN code before a louder alarm sounds or others are informed of the breach.

Locks: Of course your first line of defence against trespassers are locks. These are what will keep most people out before they can set off an alarm or be caught trespassing on a security camera. The best locks for commercial or industrial properties are arguably digital locks. The reason for this is that a digital lock can quickly add or remove people from its systems, and that it can’t be ‘picked’ like a mechanical lock can with pins. Normally in order to enter people will use either a swipe card, or a PIN code, but in some more expensive systems they might be able to use biometric data such as a finger print.

Security Guards: Sometimes it takes a human though to prevent trespassing and to outsmart the sometimes cunning trespassers who would otherwise attempt to break into your property. As such then you might choose to use guards, who can also be a great deterrent.

There are many aspects to security including a good CCTV system. Follow the links to find a security camera.