How Can Biometrics Benefit You and Your Business?

How Can Biometrics Benefit You and Your Business?

Biometrics is the use of parts of the body to recognise the identity of someone.  This can be done in a number of ways, and probably the best know use of biometrics is the fingerprint.  As everybody’s fingerprints are unique, fingerprints are a good way to recognise different people.

As well as fingerprints, other parts of the body can be used for identification purposes.  Surprisingly, biometrics isn’t new, and fingerprints have been used for hundreds of years. 

Physiological or behavioural features can be used for identification purposes. Physiological refers to the physical features of a person, such as height, facial characteristics and eyes, whilst behavioural refers to the way a person walks or talks. 

Biometrics can be used anywhere where the accurate identification of people is required.  From offices and other workplaces to schools and colleges biometrics can be used to control access to restricted areas.  Rather than use a time card, or a signing in system which can be relatively easy to fool, a biometric system using fingerprints or iris recognition will ensure that only the right people are allowed in or out. 

The obvious place where increased security and the identification of people is necessary, is at an airport.  With increased security needed, airports are ensuring that the staff they employ, and those others working at the airport are only able to access the areas they need to access.  Using biometric control systems makes sure that unauthorised people are able to get to areas of the airport they are not allowed in.

Video analytics uses face recognition technology to help security staff, such as those in airports, and other CCTV monitoring roles.  The CCTV footage can be analysed and tagged, by time, location and people’s names.  This allows the face recognition software to recognise people, and the video analytics can recognise “events”, such as somebody being in a restricted area, being in an office out of working hours, or being a known shoplifter in a shopping centre.

By recognising either movements, activities, times, or people’s faces, the system can alert security staff when there has been a compromise, or that somebody known to security staff has been spotted on camera.  As security staff don’t have to monitor several CCTV screens at once, they can be more productive without risking missing something on the CCTV screen.

In addition to use in buildings, technology is making increasing use of biometrics.  Some models of laptop and memory stick have fingerprint recognition features, so that only the person with the recognised fingerprint is able to use the computer or memory stick.  This helps to protect sensitive data, and means that the computer can’t be used if it is stolen.

If you value the security of your staff, premises and data, isn’t it time you thought more about biometrics?

Find out more about Biometrics and how can help you improve your security with a range of technologies including facial recognition, airport security sytems and Video Analytics.