Home Monitoring Systems

Home Monitoring Systems

Most business owners are well aware of the losses from shrinkage and how those losses affect their bottom line. Our previous system was wireless and although it was functional, it was never ideal. The picture was not the quality we assumed we were purchasing and the system required quite a bit of maintenance. In all fairness, it was a deterrent and we saw a reduction in losses. This year we decided that it was time to upgrade to a better wireless camera system with higher resolution capabilities. What we found is that even the best wireless security camera system cant match the quality of a wired system.

Our business is located in a leased, historic building that has a very limited access to areas where cabling can be run. The anticipated cost for installing the cabled system is quite prohibitive, so we may be forced to settle for a better wireless camera system. While shopping around, we stumbled on www.securitycamerasandmore.com. This site has the best wireless security camera system prices we have found. While there may be other sites offering the same equipment, I was impressed with what I saw. The company offers a wireless camera system that would be adequate for our needs for under $ 700.00. Plus, the system would allow me to use my iPhone to remotely access the equipment. That type of feature is often only available on the best wireless security camera systems that are out of my price range.

Even more important to me is the service. When I called the phone number on the web site, the person answering was able to offer a wealth of information. I explained my desire to utilize a wired system this time around and the issues with our building. The advice was to consider all of the costs of the wired system and the best wireless security camera system before I made a decision. Once I got the labor estimates for the cabling, it became painfully obvious I would have to settle for the wireless camera system even though I would prefer the quality of a wired system.

Are you looking for the best way to protect your office, home, or family? If so, you should be interested in learning more about home security cameras and wireless security camera system. Simply browse through our selection to find the best products to fit your budget.

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