Barking Dog Alarm

Barking Dog Alarm Make your home unappealing to burglars and intruders with The Electronic Barking Dog Alarm.

This dog doesn’t need to walked, fed or cared for and will watch over your home 24/7. When an intruder enters the area of protection, the alarm senses motion and begins making the sound of an angry barking dog. The longer the intruder stays in the area of protection or approaches closer, the louder and more frequent the barking sounds. From outside your home, it sounds like there is a very angry dog inside.

There is virtually no installation required with this alarm. It’s perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner on a budget. Just plug it into a regular wall outlet and this “dog” is ready to protect your home around the clock.

The alarm uses microwave technology that can detect motion through doors, walls or glass. (Not suitable for metal or steel).
The alarm sensitivity is adjustable to detect motion from 10-20 feet. The alarm sound can be changed from barking dog to chime or single tone.

The Barking Dog Alarm also comes with a back-up power system where the owner can install 8 AA batteries in case of a power loss. Additional motion sensors are available so you can protect other areas of your home.


Reliable 24-hour protection
Easy installation
Protection with none of the problems of owning a real dog.
Switch from the barking dog to alarm or chime.
Radar sensitivity is adjustable from 10-20 feet
Adjustable Volume
Senses movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of a visitor’s arrival.
Dimensions 6″ x 7″ x 4 3/4″
Maintenance free.
8 AA batteries (Not Included) can be added as back-up power in case you lose power.
For added protection, a motion sensor can be added to the system.
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It was 1:35AM on December 17, 2013. I was suddenly awoken from sleep by the sounds of doorbell ringing, loud banging on my front door and my barking dog alarm going off wildly (Safety Technology’s ED-55 Rex Plus II Electronic Watchdog Alarm, purchased from Amazon.) Fortunately, I have a steel security front door that cannot be kicked in. The entire episode was captured by my Dropcam security camera (also from Amazon.) I believe the 2 guys outside said something like “need some help” but I couldn’t understand them very well. I believe it was a guise for an attempted home-invasion robbery as I live in a populated area and the nearest 24-hour gas station is just an easy 5-minute walk away. Of course I wasn’t going to open the door for anyone and had a gun in my hand, which I made clear to them that I was ready to use. Fortunately, the would-be robbers drove off after being thwarted without further incidence. I was certainly ready to defend myself with lethal force had they somehow gained entry into the house. If anyone watching this video can make out what the guys actually said, please comment below. Thanks.

I hope this video will prove educational for homeowners, knowing how the bad guys operate.